No Longer Flat is an Understatement

For years we've confined the design our furniture, cabinetry and wood products to be made from heavy 4x8 wood composite panels. e2e opens up a new world of possibilities. Yes, we can turn corners, shape profiles, even copy intricate designs. We can create solutions with different densities, strengths and surface finishes on one piece. We can consolidate multiple production steps into one. With our press capacity, the design limitations are just about endless. Think of us like a form molded plastic - but stronger, fire resistant, biodegradable and looks like wood. Think of the possibilities. We aren't flat, neither should your sales or profit lines be.

Simplify Your Process

Our applications can show substantial reductions in the manufacturing process of our customers. Wood is basically flat. Yes, you can cut it and shape it within limits, but doing that increases material costs and waste. Unfortunately, very few products are flat! It takes time and money to complete the steps to assemble that cabinet, furniture, toy, musical instrument, door panel, casket, molding profile or just about anything else. SIMPLIFY TO CUT COSTS!

Material Costs Vs. Operational Costs

It's true, cost reduction is primarily accomplished by cutting material costs. When the price of your raw materials goes down, your margins go up and vice-versa. So until now, the trick was to purchase better than your competitor. Beat your competitor with significant, LONG-TERM changes in your cost structure? Change the way you make your product by taking steps out, reducing your overhead, your time, and your process. Our goal is to help you reduce your cost, increase your profits, and make a better product. You can't accomplish this by saving a few cents on raw material cost. Do it with BIG DOLLARS

Collaborate and Evolve

Working with e2e will be very different than working with a typical commodity supplier. Don't think of us as a particleboard or MDF manufacturer. We think differently than them. What we have to offer is better tools that will reduce your costs, increase your margins and provide you with a competitive advantage! Help us understand what you are trying to accomplish. Together we will engineer a solution that will make a significant difference to you.

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